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The Comprehensive Evaluation Platform for Knowledge Exchange (CEPKE) is an informal platform for evaluation practitioners and other professionals with an interest in comprehensive evaluations for assessments of institutions, funds and global programs. The website provides online interactive discussion to sharing of ideas on best practices used to carry out comprehensive evaluations, and the value of these evaluations to the global development community. It encourages an open informal dialogue among experts on how to streamline methodologies to ease comparisons between international institutions and better assess aid effectiveness and the performance of these institutions. Throughout the website, users have access to a variety of tools that ensures knowledge exchange.

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UNEG Webinar on Agency-Wide Evaluations

The UNEG Knowledge Management Working Group had a webinar on
November 8, 2013

Agency-wide Evaluations
(evaluations of entire international institutions)

John Markie, former the Director of Evaluation of FAO, and Bert Keuppens, Director of the Internal Oversight Service of UNESCO, discussed the Independent External Evaluations (IEEs) of their respective institutions.

Both evaluations sought to bring about...

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Produced by the Evaluation and Oversight Office (OVE) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Mid-term review finds that IDB Management has made intensive efforts to implement the IDB-9 mandates, and the requirement of “full implementation” has been met or is in the process of being met in most areas. Progress toward “effective implementation” has been more mixed. Though it is too early to assess results definitively, the evaluation can help identify areas where changes may be needed to ensure effectiveness down the road.

In 2010 the Governors...