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UNEG Webinar on Agency-Wide Evaluations (FAO and UNESCO)

UNEG Webinar on Agency-Wide Evaluations

The UNEG Knowledge Management Working Group had a webinar on
November 8, 2013

Agency-wide Evaluations
(evaluations of entire international institutions)

John Markie, former the Director of Evaluation of FAO, and Bert Keuppens, Director of the Internal Oversight Service of UNESCO, discussed the Independent External Evaluations (IEEs) of their respective institutions.

The GEF Evaluation Office launches blog to discuss content and findings of Fifth Overall Performance Study (OPS5)

April 30, 2013: The Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) launched a blog on its Fifth Overall Performance Study (OPS5). The blog will provide content on the first and final report of OPS5, its technical documents and sub-studies. Please click here to visit OPS5 page.

Coverage of Governance, Organizational and Development Effectiveness (Pages 7-9)

Comprehensive evaluations, being complimentary to the rest of an organization's evaluation system, should include subjects that are not covered elsewhere, such as assessing governance, organizational and development effectiveness, aid effectiveness, and the organization's mandate and comparative advantage. These remain weak, and have been largely left out. Boards, as the commissioners of evaluations, are reticent about asking for their own performance to be reviewed, this holds true for the management as well leading to a lack of organizational/corporate assessment.

Weaknesses in the Evaluation Design (pages 10-11)

There is a specific set of issues regarding the evaluation process where coverage was uneven and weak. Of particular concern are:

Role of CEs in the overall context of an evaluation system (pages 12-13)

At present, evaluations are generally carried out on an ad-hoc basis for various reasons "except for in the case of the GEF which evaluates each GEF cycle. Most often, CEs are commissioned in the event of replenishment, due to crisis, or to refine an organization's niche. However, CEs should, in effect, complement the overall evaluation systems. The paper proposes a pyramid system for evaluation, with the CE at the top of the pyramid, first level is project-level evaluations, and the second is more aggregated evaluations (program, theme, process or country).

Contextual Issues to be considered when determining the role and potential of comprehensive evaluations

Comprehensive evaluations are carried out in a contextual framework that involves multiple stakeholders including donors, beneficiaries, and management. Furthermore, these organizations find themselves in an international development arena, which involves various similar organizations. In the first round of discussions among CEPKE members the focus was largely on the process and methodologies of comprehensives evaluations. Many issues related to the contextual framework within which comprehensive evaluations are carried out were not discussed.


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Produced by the Evaluation and Oversight Office (OVE) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Mid-term review finds that IDB Management has made intensive efforts to implement the IDB-9 mandates, and the requirement of “full implementation” has been met or is in the process of being met in most areas. Progress toward “effective implementation” has been more mixed. Though it is too early to assess results definitively, the evaluation can help identify areas where changes may be needed to ensure effectiveness down the road.

In 2010 the Governors...

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